Amoun Pharmaceuticals Co.

Enemax is classified as a saline laxative for the relief of constipation and effective rapid
evacuation of the bowel.
Sodium phosphates are poorly absorbed from G.I.T., so they remain in the lumen of intestine
retaining water in the lumen by their high osmotic pressure, physiologically stimulating the
movement of large intestine, and thus producing rapid watery evacuation of the bowel.
Enemax induces complete emptying of the colon and rectum within few minutes.
Enemax is especially indicated when rapid, painless, and effortless evacuation of the bowel is
needed in:
  • Cardiac patients and cardiac care units (CCUs)
  • Glaucoma and ophthalmic surgery when straining is catastrophic
  • Postoperative, especially in hernia operation
In all other cases which need evacuation where straining and pain are contraindicated