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Diacerein Capsules Usage:

Diacerein is a new anti-inflammatory analgesics and antipyretic drug, developed specially for the treatment of joint diseases like osteoarthritis which causes pain in joints. It may be able to modify the course of the disease condition.

Composition of Diacerein Capsules / Actice Ingredients:

Each Diacerein Capsule contains: Diacerein............. 50 mg

How Diacerein Capsules works:

  • Diacerein works in a new and different way from the traditional methods of treatment, it works on the inhibition of the production of interleukin 1 beta and nitrous oxide, it also minimizes  roughness of the joints and helps to increase the impact of TJ factor Av1-beta TJ Av2-beta for improving the of cartilage.
  • Diacerein capsules can be used for patients with kidney functions depending on prostaglandins.
  • Diacerein capsules have a positive anti-inflammatory effect without the negative impact on the stomach.
  • When taken with food, its absorption increases upto 25%, so prefer taking it with food.