EPICEPHIN 500gm-Egypt

Egyptian Int. Pharmaceuticals Ind Co.

Composition :

Active ingredient: ceftrtaxone (as the disodium salt). Epicepbln contains approximately 83 mg {3.6 mEq) of sodium per gram of cefrriaxone.
Pharmaceutical form and quantity of active substance per
unit: 500 mg t.v.
Dry substance: ceftriaxone 500 mg as dtsodrurn ceftrtaxone per vial.
Solvent: water for injection 5 ml.
500 mg I.m.
Dry substance: ceftrtaxone 500 rng as disodiurn ceftriaxone per vial.
Solvent: lidocaine hydrochloride 20 mg, water q.s. 2 rnl of solution.
1 g I.m.
Dry substance: cefrrtaxone 1 g as disodium ceftriaxone per vial.
Solvent: water for injection 10 ml. 1 g i.m.
Dry substance: ceftnaxone 1 g as dtsodturn ceftrtaxone per vial.
Solvent: lidocaine hydrochloride 35 mg, water q.s. 3.5 ml of
so/urion. 2 g I.m.
Dry substance: ceftrtaxone 2 9 as dlsodlum ceftnaxone per vial.

Indications and Potential uses :

Infections caused by pathogens which are susceptible to ceftriaxone,
– respiratory tract infections, particularly pneumonia, and ear, nose
and throar infections;
– abdominal infections (peruomus, infections of (he biliary and
gasuointestinal tracts);
– renal and urinary tract infections;
infections or the genual organs, mdudmg gonorrhea;
– infections of the bones, [otnts. soft tissue and skin, and wound
Infections; mrecnons in patients with Impaired immune response;
– meningitis
– disseminated Lyme borreliosis (stages 11 and lll).
Perioperative prophylaxis of infections in operations on the
qastrotntesnnal tract, biliary tract and urogenital tract and In
qyneccloqtcal procedures, but only in cases of potential or known
contamination. Official recommendations on appropriate use of antibiotics should be observed, in partlcutar recommendations on how 10 prevent Increased antibiotic resistance.