Vitane Pharmaceuticals


An adequate nutrition is necessary not only for energy but also for proper growth and developing a strong immunity in kids during their growing years. Unhealthy food habits, tendency to skip meals, inadequate appetite are some common problems in these growing years. This can affect the growth and immunity in the child and the child might be exposed to host of infections.

Kids plus provides the benefit of Multiple Vitamins in a Single Tablet. Extra dose of Vitamin C & E improves immunity and protects against opportunistic infections. Vitamin A provides resistance from Communicable diseases and Boosts Immunity. Vitamin D boosts immunity and strengthens bones. Vitamin B-Complex is important for proper Nervous System and Immune Function. Folic acid is important for production and maintenance of new cells.

Overall, inadequate intake and status of these vitamins may lead to a suppressed immune system, which increases the risk of infections and might also result in malnutrition. Therefore, supplementation with Kids Plus tablets daily will boost and support the body's natural defense system, supply all the essential nutrients required for optimum growth.